Sunday, 20 October 2013


Carrying forward with the eerie, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland is considered the most haunted in all of Europe. Within it is the most haunted spot in Scotland - Edinburgh Castle. Encompassing a history that spans centuries, this remarkable castle has seen the some of the the worst in torture, battles and imprisonment. It is not surprising that such a macabre past would elicit the notion of ghostly sightings.

Built on Castle Rock, this 'haunted' locale has been the subject of paranormal studies and ghost hunts. Reported spectral 'sightings' and 'phenomenon' include phantom prisoners, a headless drummer, drops in temperature, feelings of clothing being tugged or skin brushed when nothing is around. It is enough to send shivers down your spine. Do you dare to explore the dank, grim corridors and corners of this infamous haunt?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, owned by Kim Traynor

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