Thursday, 27 September 2012

Time to turn this around

So I had a meltdown. After feeling sorry for myself for the past several months I have decided I need to turn this around. I need to stay positive - something I often need to work on. On an aside, why is that we frequently need to work on our "positive" traits but are very skilled at our "negative" traits?? Really, my "negative" traits I have down to an art form!!

What I have done is change my work schedule a bit. I'm actually working slightly less than usual but that is actually a savings for me. I could go into a big spiel about how that works but it really is not that interesting. I am trying it to see how it will play out and take it month by month. I hope it will be as I envision. And I get a couple Mondays off too. My BFF also suggested I do some free advertising - make up a flyer post them at various community centres and businesses in the Steveston area. She actually had a good list. Thanks Trina :-)

Another thing I need to do is rework my budget based on what I am currently making and cut some corners. Some will be easier to do and others not so much. I often have a tough time saying no when it comes to social activities.  See, I often plan to do only so much and then end up going out more....movies, plays, drinks, coffee/tea, dinner, shopping. They are my "squirrels". (If you have seen the animated movie "Up" then you will know how the dogs are distracted by squirrels). Socializing distracts me. I do not intend to be a hermit, though at times that is just what I need, but I do need to live within a reasonable budget and still have fun (squirrel!!). Anyone know of fun free things to do in Van and who wants to join me?? 

I am a planner so this really should not be that hard for me. I still do not know why I am struggling with this whole trip. Yes, I am slow at doing pretty much most things in my life so I am not different with this situation. But my frustration with myself grows and this scenario of less work and things breaking around me. Well I guess I can just do what I can, make some better choices, remain focused and try not to let these setbacks take too much space in my mind. Okay, let's get on with it.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WTF? (Or why I am banging my head against a wall)

Grrrrr. I am so frustrated and annoyed. I've had a few changes in my life recently, as I have blogged about. Significant changes in my opinion: moving and the "dream" work schedule. Significant in that I can save and earn $$$ for my big trip. So why is that not happening? WHY??! In fact it's the opposite. My work is not that busy (the more I work, the more I earn) and I've had unexpected expenses...actually I can't even replace what needs to be replaced unless I dip into my RTW savings or wait til I actually make some more money. So many people have told me to "pick a date and then it's a goal", to "put it out there and it'll happen", etc. Well I did that and I get squat! I'm so pissed off and confused. Things just don't work out that way it would appear. I have a goal that, if things continue at this pace, will be delayed for who knows how long. As for "putting it out there"-fat lot of good it's done me! Starting to think it's a load if crap. WTF is going on?? What is the point? I'm going to go cry now.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Delay on Sunday's Special Spot

Hi everyone. I want to apologize for not posting yesterday's Sunday's Special Spot photo. I actually will not be able to post a photo for the next several weeks. This is due to technical difficulties. Once I am up and running online again at home the weekly photos will return. In regards to other posts, they will happen but will be sans photos for a short while. Thanks for your understanding.