Sunday, 25 September 2011

M.E.C Day

Confucius say: "It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop."

That is one of my favourite quotes. It also applies to my lifelong dream - I've had this dream for 20 years and it still hasn't happened. It will though, it will. And nobody will be happier than ME!  To keep me spurred on I often drop by the M.E.C. store (Mountain Equipment Co-op) on W. Broadway St here in Vancouver to buy a few necessities for my trip. Most recently (today actually) I bought items to make my First-Aid kit - something I hope I don't have to resort to using but is smart to have on hand. Previous trips have included me checking out the travel backpacks, silk sleeping bag liners and other fun stuff. One particular day, as I decided to purchase compression sacks, my friend A joined me. It was great having her there as she is so enthusiastic about my dream. She herself has a big life dream and can appreciate the way goals and dreams motivate us to keep at it.  Well, in true A form she had to "document" the day with a picture, which she e-mailed to me later in the day. Along with that picture she also wrote a few words about the day. She did it so cleverly that I can't help but share it. Here it is, straight from The National Questioner:

Vancouver Celebrity Daily Dish:
Sunday, March 16

The delightful and respected Vancouver based massage therapist Eeva Valiharju was spotted at the Mountain Equipment Co-op Store (Broadway location) today apparently purchasing an item for her rumored around the world trip !! The usually bubbly blonde was giddy about her purchase. She was spotted actually being photographed with an item she purchased by another blonde, who at this moment remains anonymous, but is rumoured to be her assistant. Happy Travels, Eeva!