Sunday, 14 July 2013


Freetown Christiania is micronation found within the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. To quote Wikipedia: "Micronations, sometimes also referred to as model countries and new country projects, are entities that claim to be independent nations or states but which are not recognized by governments or major international organizations."

Okay, so it's not a REAL country but it is a real place. The area it is located in has had various incarnations. More recently, prior to it becoming Christiania, it was deserted military barracks. In 1971 it was taken over by "The Hippie Movement" and the "The Squatter Movement". Although it's almost 1000 residents call it a free nation, most recognize it as commune.


Christiania has had a colourful and eventful history, that is for certain. From officials trying to have it closed, tourists flocking to get an eyeful and idealists aiming to live simply to dubious characters around the infamous "Pusher Street" and old buildings in disrepair and then re-done, there appears to be no lack of adventure to be found in the unique community.

Photo credit: Flickr. Owned by KP M (alibaba0)

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