Tuesday, 23 July 2013



Developing story - Will the twin Sasquatches know as "Quatchi" have to fight to retain their titles as the mascots of Eeva's impending RTW trip?

Inside sources reveal that there has been drama building since the arrival of Ms Brown (of M&M candy fame). The elegant and eloquent Ms Brown has caused somewhat of a ruckus, being so bold as to sit under the twin's beloved Canucks flag. Quatchi 1 has not handled the situation well, having retreated to his "safebox" in the closet  He has yet to come to terms with this potentially devastating event. Friends are worried that Quatchi 1 may just stay in hiding if Ms Brown overtakes the roll of mascot. 

Quatchi 2, however, seems to have embraced the presence of Ms Brown after her arrival from M&M World in Las Vegas, NV. It would appear that Quatchi 2's recent trip to Ontario has opened him up to taking risks, including befriending the charming yet potentially mascot-position stealing Ms Brown. He has taken to her classy demeanor and bold style. Is this honest admiration or is a more sinister intention brewing under those fuzzy blue earmuffs? Time will tell.

Despite the boldness of Ms Brown, insiders say she is not interested in the role of mascot. One source said "She's too big - it's easy to travel with the small ones." Another was concerned that she may get wrecked. Ms Brown herself has not made any comments on the matter.

Despite the mascot rumour mill, ultimately it will be up to Eeva to determine the roles. Until now, nobody has asked her. The National Questioner has the exclusive. This is what she told us: "Yeah, Ms Brown is awesome but backpacking is not her style. I see her joining me on other types of trips such as a girls weekend to Vegas or a sun vacation to Cabo. Paris and Spain would definitely be her style, sans the backpack. The Quatchi's need not worry. They are defo back packing material. And if a traveler is met en-route with out an accompanying mascot, one of them may be up for adoption - to a good home of course." 

There you have it. The quandary of the mascot's roles has been resolved. Both sides appear to be happy, even though Quatchi 1 is still in hiding...or perhaps just snoozing. In a related story, none of the toys have been of any interest to the resident cat, Piper and they can rest easy that they will not become cat toys.

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