Friday, 12 April 2013

My "Traveling Companion"

There are a number of (travel) blogs that I follow and among them I was happy to discover that some authors travel with a "companion". As a matter of fact, I know of several friends who do the same. I was pleased to learn this as I decided, quite some time ago, to do that exact thing. It's nice too know that there are others who have a mascot too. 

So who will be my buddy when I go RTWing, you ask? Well he is a furry, hockey loving, blue earmuff wearing, camera toting Sasquatch ! Back in February 2010, during the Vancouver Winter Olympic games, my BFF gave me a key-chain with one of the three Olympic mascot attached: Quatchi. He loves hockey - need I say more? Additionally, we make a good pair since he enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Oh and food. We're a travel match made in heaven. Although I have not traveled with Quatchi yet, I intend to tote him along on my summer trips to visit family as a starting point.

I realized as I was penning this post that I should find Quatchi (tucked safely away in my rucksack along with all my travel gear) and have a fun photo op! Especially since the night before I learned that a fellow Couch Surfer also traveled with her Quatchi key-chain. I was spurred on to finish this blog post and snap some adorable pictures. I dug into my closest and hoisted my trusty bag onto my bed. My kitten was intrigued by a new place to sit in as I hastily pulled items and threw them around. Uh...where was Quatchi?! He was not there! I sifted through everything strewn about my  bed. He was nowhere to be found. I checked the junk drawer, silently scolding myself for putting this special key-chain in such a place. Nope! Not there either. Where is Quatchi?! I check every known place he could be. HE'S MISSING!!! What now? I must of inadvertently put him in the "toss/donate" pile when I moved in the fall. Replacing a 2012 Winter Olympic mascot key-chain was not that simple, I suspected. They were only available for a short time and in limited numbers. Three years later there can not be a store carrying them. Hmmmm...but this is the 21st century. The Internet to the rescue, specifically E-BayNot only do I find an unused Quatchi key-chain with tags still attached, he is being sold locally! I placed my order and picked him up days later. Easy-peasy! Gotta love the Internet!

So here is my "new" traveling companion. Piper was interested in him but I was afraid he might become her new toy so I had to remove him from her little paws. Quatchi's first trip will be to Ontario when I visit my family in the upcoming months. I anticipate the day when Quatchi and I will begin our epic journey!  Onward ho!

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