Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Is this a sign of how I will react? Does this indicate my true feelings of this trip? Is this perhaps why it has taken me so long to follow through? Will I follow through? How do I move forward when my stomach is in knots? And really, why this topic?? YIKES!!!

Recently I signed up with  Bootsnall for their "Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days" feature. Every day an e-mail found its way to my inbox about various aspects of RTW trip planning and considerations. A great tool it is, one I would recommend. They provide downloadable spreadsheets, recommendations from RTW veterans and links to informative articles. Now it is one of these instructive articles that has me freaked out:  "The Ultimate Guide to Packing for an RTW Trip". While reading it my heart began to race, my stomach churned and my breathing became shallow. Anxiety set in. "How can I do this? What do I take? How much do I need to spend? What if my pack is too heavy? OMG!! I have to get in shape!! What if I pack all the wrong things? How am I gonna do this?" My heart is racing at an incredible rate! I think I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack!!

Why is this article, intended to help, causing me such stress? Seriously, it has made me worry. I do not know exactly why or what to make of it. What is even more baffling to me is how does an article of packing cause me to fret so? I mean it's packing. I'd think that the financial concerns would be overwhelming. Or not working for a year. Or not seeing family and friends (or my kitten). Or culture shock!! But no, I freak out over packing! PACKING!!

I know, I'm weird.

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