Saturday, 12 September 2009

Butterflies & Kitty-cats

"Butterflies & kitty-cats"...doesn't that just sound so sweet and child-like? Hate to disappoint ya (or not) but I'm talking about the butterflies that have taken up residency in my stomach and my dear 'ole cat that is driving me a little nuts. :-s

Let's start with my best furry friend Cairo. Now Cairo and I have been a pair for over 16 years. Yep, since he was 6 weeks old. Of course I am very attached to him, so I have made certain that is in good hands while I am away. My friend Mia is housesitting for me, as she has so many times in the past. Cairo has a full stash of his favourite foods and treats, his trusty pillow is all clean, and Mia will care for him as if he was her own. So the cat should want for nothing right? I mean, he is, afterall, a cat. Well, not the case. I just had to pull out my suitcase and am suddenly struck by a severe case of "kitty cling". That's were my aloof cat decides he wants to be an ornament, permanently stuck to my shoulder. And don't forget the long, low "meeerreeeoooowww" he let out when I put the suitcase on the bed. Yes, he knows: Mommie is leaving!! I do try to reassure him that I'll be back, but really, how much does a cat understand words?? So, as of late I have the cat clinging to me at all times. I've even put off packing until tonight. Oh my little kitty'll be fine & I'll miss you too.

Now for the butterflies. On my days off (Wed & Thurs) I was so busy running errands and getting things organzied that it almost seemed surreal to me that I am going on this great trip, one that I've been planning for over a year. I was wondering if I was going to feel excited anytime soon. Well, Friday morning is when it kicked in. When I woke up realizing  I only had 2 more days of work the butterflies moved in. I swear there must be 50 of 'em in there. I find myself looking up to the sky in search of a plane flying overhead. And since I am near the airport they appear on a consistent basis. The butterflies go crazy! And then there is all the well wishes from those around me. The butterflies think Paris! Even the liquor store is advertising Paris! Butterflies all over the place! So my stomach is fluttering about non-stop, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I want to feel it all!

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  1. I'm so excited for you Eeva! I can't wait to hear all about it.


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