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Do you have a nickname? Something someones calls you affectionately? Un-affectionately? Something that has stuck with you since you were a kid? A shortened version of your name? Something you're known for? Many of us do, myself included. And so do cities. Some of them so famous that you know exactly which city is being referred to by its famous moniker. I have decided to compile a list of city nicknames that I know of (and plenty I've taken from Wikipedia and online searches). The ones I am familar with are listed first and then are the ones I have looked up:

Vancouver, Canada - No Fun City, Lotus Land, Van City
Toronto, Canada - T.O., Tronna, T. Dot
Winnipeg, Canada - Winter-peg, The Peg
Thunder Bay, Canada - The Lakehead, T Bay, Tunder Bay (w/ a Finnish accent!)
Sault Ste Marie, Canada - The Soo
Chilliwack, Canada - The Wack
Fort McMurray, Canada - Fort Mack
New York City, USA - The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, Empire City
New Orleans, USA - The Big Easy
Philadelphia, USA - The City of Brotherly Love
Reno, USA - The Biggest Little City in the World
Los Angeles, USA - The City of Angels
San Fransisco, USA - The City by the Bay
Detroit, USA - Motor City
Chicago, USA- The Windy City
Boston, USA - Beantown
Hollywood, USA - Tinsel Town
Las Vegas, USA - Sin City
Paris, France - The City of Lights & Bridges, The City if Love
Beijing, China - The Forbidden City
Rome, Italy - The Eternal City, The City of Seven Hills
Jerusalem, Israel - The Holy City

Nairobi, Kenya - Green City in the Sun
Havana, Cuba - City of Columbus
Venice, Italy -  City of Water, City of Masks, City of Bridges
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The Wonderful City
Lima, Peru - The City of Kings
Mumbai, India - The City of Gold, Bollywood
Hong Kong, China - Pearl of the Orient
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam - Pearl of the Orient -yep, same as HKG
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Paris of Latin America (only in early 1900's), The Port City
Seattle, USA - The Emerald City
Adelaide, Australia - The City of Churches
Sydney, Australia - The Harbour City
London, England - The Square Mile
Budapest, Hungary - The Pearl of the Danube
Prague, Czech Republic - The Golden City
Saint Petersburg, Russia - The City of White Nights

Now by all means this list is not extensive - it would be too long to post. Of course locals have their names too, as you may have guessed from some of the Canadian cities I listed. If you have any city nicknames to add, please do so in the comments section!

Cheers! Eeva

P.s.  Over the years I have had about 7 nicknames....some I don't like & some I love! Eval Kneval signing off (hated that one when I was a kid cuz it was based on a mispronounciation if my name). :-p

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