Sunday, 19 August 2012


I just returned from an extended weekend trip to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I stopped in Kelowna and Penticton, 2 cities in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. An area known for it's wineries, fruit orchards and hot, dry summers it's easy to see how one can be taken in by the natural beauty that surrounds it.

View of Okanagan Lake from Therapy Vineyards. It is located on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, BC, Canada

I took this picture at Therapy Vineyards, which was one of 7 vineyards that I visited with friends. This was the 4th one on our "tour". We visited 3 in Kelowna area and 4 on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, BC. Well worth it!

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