Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Internet surfing jewel

I just wanted to share this website with you. I have been perusing it for the past half an hour or so. It's proving to be a very handy one-stop site. World Travel Guide has information on just about every place on the earth. Countries, regions, cities, you name it. I was just reading about Macau (which is in Asia). It even has info on Bhutan, a country I intend to visit when I take my RTW (round-the-world) trip in a couple years. Another cool aspect of this site is the "Inspire Me" feature. Select from a drop-down menu your holiday type and when you want to go and a list of various places, near & far gives you ideas to visit. Want to know practical things about your fav destination? This site has it too and very easy to navigate through. World Travel Guide is now in my favourites list. Check it out!

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